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Stuffed peppers in tomato sauce


Stuffed peppers are a favorite dish in Hungary, simple and homey. The practice of stuffing vegetables actually originated with the Turks. But after years of domination by the Ottomans, Hungarians adopted töltött paprika as their own in the 16 and 17th centuries. For this dish, Hungarians like to use long, sweet, yellow peppers. Known as banana peppers abroad, in [...]

Hungarian apple cake – Almás pite


Hungarian apple cake (Almás pite) is a true Hungarian classic, quite popular in the country. A delicious pie filled with sweetened shredded apple, spiced with cinnamon and lemon. It very different from the American version, but it's also very delicious.

Pancake – Palacsinta


Pancakes are very popular in Hungary. Its origin is not clear, most probably it developed from the roman plazenta, a small round cake that was eaten instead of bread. Hungarian pancakes are thin, similar to French crepes but totally unlike American hot cakes or griddle cakes and they are not eaten for breakfast. Most often [...]

Bean soup Jókai style – Jókai bableves


The name (Jókai bean soup) was named after our famous Hungarian writer Mór Jókai, because he was a big fan of this soup. It is made with beans, smoked meat, smoked paprika sausages, vegetables, “csipetke noodles” and some sour cream on top. This soup is so popular in Hungary, that a Hungarian bean soup cooking [...]

Hungarian potato soup with sausage and sour cream – Krumplileves kolbásszal


Hungarian potato soup with sausage and sour cream It is an easy soup to make, and its flavor is unique. It has been a favorite in my family for many generations. ​It is just some potatoes cooked in water with sausage and bay leaves. The bay leaves are an important flavor ingredient. Do not [...]

Hungarian plum dumplings (Szilvásgombóc) recipe


Hungarian plum dumplings (Szilvásgombóc) They can be eaten as dessert, a meatless main dish or side dish. A family favourit and children’s delight. Potato dumplings stuffed with plums & cinnamon sugar and rolled in breadcrumbs. 1 hour 15-17 dumplings Ingredients: 500 grams (17.6 ounces) of potatoes, peeled, boiled, mashed, 200 grams (7 ounces, 1 [...]

Hungarian spaghetti squash stew with dill (Tökfőzelék)


Hungarian spaghetti squash stew with dill and sour cream (Tökfőzelék) is a wonderful summer dish made with shredded squash, a good portion of sour cream, onions and dill. Hungarian cuisine is not all about heavy meat dishes with an overdose of paprika, vegetable dishes are also very popular. It's light and refreshing, an easy [...]

Hungarian stuffed peppers in tomato sauce (Töltött paprika) recipe


Hungarian stuffed peppers in tomato sauce is a typical summer dish, we make it all the time when the peppers and tomatoes are in season. Hungarian yellow peppers give this dish its distinct taste, although any kind of bell peppers can be used.This is an easy recipe to prepare and impress your friends and [...]