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Hungarian pasta topped with semolina and apricot jam recipe (Grízes tészta)


Hungairan pasta topped with semolina and apricot jam (Grízes tészta) This is another unusual sweet main dish, we normally serve it after a one-pot soup. Pasta dishes are a very important and unique part of Hungarian cooking, there are sweet recipes as well as savory creations. This dish is really quite easy to make, [...]

Hungarian pasta topped with semolina and apricot jam recipe (Grízes tészta)2018-01-26T10:22:02+01:00

Hungarian summer green pea soup with pinched noodles (Zöldborsó leves)


Cook Hungarian green pea soup (Zöldborsó leaves) and welcome a little summer into your kitchen with fresh vegetables. The green peas are in season from June to end of July. This soup is most delicious with the freshest peas you can find, but of course sometimes those will be ones from the freezer. It is [...]

Hungarian summer green pea soup with pinched noodles (Zöldborsó leves)2016-06-08T21:15:19+02:00

Hungarian Cooking class / Vegetarian Class


What better way to discover Hungary than through its food and take a hands-on home cooking class in Budapest? Our private Hungarian cooking class gives you an in-depth experience of Hungarian cooking and an insight into authentic local life. Food has always provided a way for travelers to connect with local cultures and a hands-on [...]

Hungarian Cooking class / Vegetarian Class2016-06-06T14:42:06+02:00

Hungarian Egg Drop Soup (Tojásleves) Recipe


Hungarian egg drop soup is a tasty and super satisfying starter, a quick and inexpensive meal. It consists of an onion blond roux, eggs, ground caraway seeds and sweet paprika powder which gives it a nice flavor and color. Some recipes call for vinegar, I prefer making this soup without it. Recipe Ingredients for 4 [...]

Hungarian Egg Drop Soup (Tojásleves) Recipe2016-06-06T09:05:24+02:00

Hungarian Cottage Cheese Donuts (Túrófánk) Recipe


Hungarian cottage cheese donuts(Túrófánk) These donuts are very easy to make, ideal for beginners. A quick dessert recipe, it takes only 15 minutes to prepare. The dough does not contain yeast, just a small amount of baking soda, so you do not need to leave it to rest, the doughnuts can be deep-fried right [...]

Hungarian Cottage Cheese Donuts (Túrófánk) Recipe2018-11-27T13:57:00+01:00

Hungarian Layered Savoy Cabbage Casserole Recipe (Rakott Kelkáposzta)


Hungarian layered savoy cabbage casserole (Rakott kelkáposzta) is also a traditional Hungarian recipe, a real comfort food. The salty cabbage, the paprika mince and the rice go together extremely well, the sour cream makes it creamy. It’s all about the marriage of flavors. Fortunately the cabbage is available all year around, so you can [...]

Hungarian Layered Savoy Cabbage Casserole Recipe (Rakott Kelkáposzta)2018-11-27T14:39:42+01:00

Goulash soup


Hungarian goulash soup- Anywhere in the world if you say the word goulash, people think of another word: Hungarian Gulyás is primarily a soup, also existing as stew. The preparation of the goulash soup starts exactly the same way as of a stew but then more water is added, plus vegetables, a few carrots, parsley [...]

Goulash soup2016-05-19T10:03:49+02:00

Chilled Sour Cherry Soup Recipe (Hideg meggyleves)


Traditional Hungarian fruit soups are very popular all over the country and made from a wide variety of fruits, from apple to sour cherry. Sour cherry soup is a traditional summertime treat in Hungary, where it is known as hideg meggyleves (cold sour cherry soup). Every Hungarian family has its own unique recipe for [...]

Chilled Sour Cherry Soup Recipe (Hideg meggyleves)2017-05-16T12:55:09+02:00

Hungarian Cucumber Salad Recipe – Uborkasaláta


Hungarian cucumber salad (Uborkasaláta) This salad is typically eaten with many heavy, meat-centric meals (like most Hungarian meals) and we eat it a little differently than other nations typically do. Usually, instead of eating a salad as an appetizer, we eat this right along side our main meal, alternating bites [...]

Hungarian Cucumber Salad Recipe – Uborkasaláta2018-11-29T11:48:07+01:00

Hungarian Gerbeaud Cake recipe (Zserbó szelet)


Hungarian Gerbeaud Cake (Zserbó szelet) is probably the best known Hungarian dessert. I am sure if you hear the name of Hungarian Gerbeaud, you associate with the Café Gerbeaud in heart of Budapest. But to me, this word “Gerbeaud” means this wonderful and delicious homemade layered cake with walnut and apricot jam filling, covered [...]

Hungarian Gerbeaud Cake recipe (Zserbó szelet)2018-11-27T14:09:49+01:00

Hungarian creamy cauliflower soup recipe


Hungarian cauliflower soup is an easy creamy starter. A delicious vegetarian meal and even vegans can have it if you serve it without sour cream. Also, use rice flour and create a gluten-free healthy soup. This version of cauliflower soup cooked with paprika which gives it a nice flavor and color. Recipe Ingredients for 4 [...]

Hungarian creamy cauliflower soup recipe2016-04-27T14:33:17+02:00

How to use paprika in cooking?


Paprika, the spice of Hungary. The main characteristic of the traditional Hungarian kitchen is paprika, without any doubt. Paprika facts: - Paprika powder is produced by grinding the dried, deep red paprika pods of the pepper plant (Capsicum annum L. is the botanical name). - Although paprika is the symbol of Hungary’s cuisine, the plant was brought to the country by the Turks [...]

How to use paprika in cooking?2016-04-24T13:38:32+02:00

Hungarian Cottage Cheese Dumplings Recipe (Túrógombóc)


Hungarian cottage cheese dumplings (Túrógombóc)These dumplings are simply heaven if you are a fan of not too sweet desserts. It is very easy to make, the cottage cheese balls are coated with toasted breadcrumbs, served with sour cream and powdered sugar. Instead of cottage cheese you can use farmer’s cheese or fresh ricotta. It's flavor [...]

Hungarian Cottage Cheese Dumplings Recipe (Túrógombóc)2019-10-07T13:18:13+02:00

Hungarian nokedli noodles with scrambled eggs recipe (Tojásos nokedli)


Hungarian nokedli noodles with scrambled eggs (Tojásos nokedli) is a simple and delicious vegetarian spring summer dish. Easy, ready in 15 minutes, perfect for lunch or dinner if you are too lazy to cook anything else. The nokedli noodles (spaetzle) are made from a home made noodle dough (eggs, water and plain flour).cYou can add [...]

Hungarian nokedli noodles with scrambled eggs recipe (Tojásos nokedli)2016-04-22T09:27:37+02:00

Deep-fried Hungarian style meatballs with potato stew (Fasírt krumplifőzelékkel)


Deep-fried Hungarian style meatballs (Fasírt) are very easy to make, scrumptious and perfect for a party or a buffet. Also, they are eaten either with vegetable stews (I prefer potato stew) as a simple dish, or with white bread as a sandwich. Not to mention, kids totally love them! Traditionally it is made with pork, [...]

Deep-fried Hungarian style meatballs with potato stew (Fasírt krumplifőzelékkel)2016-04-20T20:03:37+02:00