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Hungarian Cottage Cheese Spread (Körözött) Recipe


Hungarian Cottage Cheese Spread (Körözött This spread is a favorite in Hungary. Almost every household has a special way of making it. Main spices are ground caraway seeds that give its unique taste and sweet paprika powder for the nice orange colour. You can mix both tehén túró (cow-milk farmer’s cheese) and júh túró (sheep-milk farmer’s cheese) to see [...]

Hungarian Floating Island (Madártej) Recipe


Hungarian Floating Island (Madártej) Fluffy egg white clouds floating in vanilla custard. This traditional Hungarian dessert is really nice and very popular among kids (and grown-up kids). It is easy to prepare, light, and extremely delicious. It is called ”Madártej” ("MOD-AR-TAY") in Hungarian, which means bird’s milk. It is a good thing to know [...]

Hungarian Csipetke pinched noodles


Hungarian csipetke are one of the fastest homemade noodles to prepare. Soups play an essential role in Hungarian cuisine with a wide range of different varieties. Most soups have some sort of pasta or noodles floating around in them.The Hungarian goulash soup and Jókai bean soup is made with these tiny noodles.Their name comes from [...]

Hungarian Easter eggs


Decorated Hungarian Easter eggs. Eggs represent the season (spring) and the new life of the plants that wake up after the winter sleep. Eggs are painted with vibrant colors generally depicting the rising sun and the northern light. Eggs are hard-boiled eggs colored with bright red to indicate the blood of Jesus that was spilled. [...]

Easter in Hungary


A lot of interesting Easter customs and traditions still alive all over Hungary.   Egg painting is one of the oldest traditions of Easter. For thousands of years, eggs have been regarded as powerful symbols of life and the natural cyclesof renewal. Also, Hungarian decorated eggs were originally almost always red eggs, because red symbolizes [...]

Authentic Hungarian Goulash Soup Recipe


Authentic Hungarian goulash soup is a beef dish cooked with onions, Hungarian paprika powder, tomatoes, and some green pepper. Carrot, parsley root, potatoes, and pinched noodles (csipetke in Hungarian) are also added. Pasta or pastry dishes, especially the ones made with cottage cheese (túrós palacsinta, túrógombóc, strudel) go down well after the heavy soup. [...]

Hungarian style meatballs in tomato sauce (Paradicsomos húsgombóc)


Hungarian style meatballs in tomato sauce is a family-friendly one-dish meal that even the kids will love. Traditionally it is made with pork, but any type of ground meat will work with this recipe. It is very nice served with boiled potatoes, my husband especially loves it that way. Recipe Ingredients for 4 people: [...]