According to the legend our Somlói galuska got the name from a Hungarian master confectioner’s wife who was born in Somlo region. This dessert was created at first for her by his husband.

A rich and treasured dessert, this will satisfy a chocolate lover’s sweet tooth. Served in a bowl, cubes of spongy cake are sprinkled with walnuts and rum flavoring, and then vanilla custard is pourred over the moist cubes followed by a topping of chocolate sauce, which is finished off with whipped cream. A dieter’s nightmare and often on restaurant dessert menus

Hungary’s biggest food delivery homepage,, was the first one in Hungary to examine the following question within the framework of a ballot-like internet survey: what is Hungary’s favourite dessert?

During the internet survey in 2010 more than 38,000 cake-lover voted on their favourites. The first place was taken by Somloi Galuska with 23602 votes, the second place went to Zserbo with 19,879 votes, while the third most popular dessert was Strudel with 19 356 votes.