Hungarian Savoy Cabbage and Potato Stew – Kelkáposzta főzelék

Hungarian savoy cabbage and potato stew is an easy comfort food, shapes up in just over a half-hour, it is perfect for weeknight meals. It goes so well either by itself or as a side with fried eggs or Hungarian style meatloaf, stew or sausage.

Főzelék is a special category in Hungarian cuisine, a type of thick Hungarian vegetable stew. There is no English translation for it. Főzelék is often eaten as the main course for lunch or like a garnish for different meat courses. This delicious vegetable stew is cooked with savoy cabbage, potatoes and seasonings such as sweet paprika powder, ground caraway seed and garlic.

What is savoy cabbage?

Savoy cabbage is a green, leafy vegetable, similar to green cabbage but a bit milder and sweeter. It shaped like green cabbages, but the leaves are looser and more ruffly.
The outer leaves are tough and crunchy, and heavily veined with dark green to light green coloring. The inner leaves are more tender, and delicate with pale green, yellow, to white hues.
Hungarian cuisine loves savoy cabbage, we use it when making soups and main dishes, I am a big fan of layered savoy cabbage.