Hosts Agnes and Andrew, native Hungarians, will guide you through Hungarian food and cooking techniques spiced up with interesting stories in a lovely Budapest apartment on the Buda side, close to the city center. Each class is hands-on and held in English. No cooking skills required.



She was born and raised in the Hungarian countryside until she moved to Budapest to study. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in tourism, catering and restaurant. After her degree, she became a cooking class instructor at a cooking school in Budapest and discovered her passion about sharing food and stories with travelers. She decided to follow her dreams and open her own culinary experience – Culinary Hungary Home Cooking in the heart of gorgeous Budapest in 2010.

She believes sharing food and recipes with people offers a delicious and exciting way to weave together Hungarian history, culture and traditions, all while sharing her culinary heritage. She learnt the traditional Hungarian dishes and cooking from her parents, who taught her a lot of secrets of the Hungarian Cuisine and Gastronomy. Many of her recipes are family secrets and make part of her family’s heritage.

Offering in-person cooking classes and market tours at Culinary Hungary and online cooking classes at The Chef & The Dish. Featured in The Kitchn, USA today and Viking River Cruises. She is an online cooking instructor both for private clients and corporate events, just to name a few: Microsoft, Cloudera, DEVON, Defence One, Robinhood, VistaPrint, GitHub

Food blogger, recipe writer, food photographer at Culinary Hungary.

Mom of 2, she has an 11 year old son and an 8 year old daughter.


Andrew was born and raised in Budapest, he used to work as sous chef in the USA (New Jersey).

He has been playing with food since he was 16. He started with recreating his grandmother’s recipes, later on he changed them little by little until they became something completely different. The endless combinations and opportunities have always been fascinating to him.

Andrew has been a cooking class instructor and a market tour guide at Culinary Hungary since 2013.

On the side he is also a private chef for some of the movie stars shooting here (like Ashton Kutcher and his wife), he runs a blog about American food for Hungarians, and with a few friends he runs the biggest fermentation group in Hungary.

In his free time he still likes to cook, but the thing that he loved the most is spending time with her daughter and wife.

A lot of things changed, but his passion for food has not. He still finds great pleasure and excitement when he is around it.