Hosts Agnes and Andrew, native Hungarians, will guide you through Hungarian food and cooking techniques spiced up with interesting stories in a lovely Budapest apartment on the Buda side, close to the city center. Each class is hands-on and held in English. No cooking skills required.



I was born and raised in the Hungarian countryside until I moved to Budapest when I was 21 to study. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in tourism, catering and restaurant. After my degree, I became a cooking class instructor at a cooking school in Budapest and discovered my passion about sharing food and stories with travelers. Therefore, I decided to open my Culinary Hungary Home Cooking Class and have been giving Hungarian cooking classes for 9 years now.

What I offer is something different than a cooking school. All events take place in our own home kitchen not a “fancy” commercial-style kitchen. I want you to feel like you at home and that the dishes can be easily recreated. I believe in authentic cooking and comfort food. I learnt the traditional Hungarian dishes and cooking from my parents, who taught me a lot of secrets of the Hungarian Cuisine and Gastronomy. Many of my recipes are family secrets and make part of my family’s heritage.

I am a Mom of 2, I have a 8 year old son and a 5 year old daughter.


I was born and raised in Budapest, lived here all my life except for 7 years when I resided in the U.S. (mainly New Jersey). I have been playing with food since I was 16. I started with recreating my grandmother’s recipes, later on I  changed them little by little until they became something completely different. The endless combinations and opportunities have always  been fascinating to me. After getting my bachelor in marketing I decided it was a good time to try myself out abroad. I started out in a fast food restaurant in New Jersey. After that I got a job at a real restaurant where my passion quickly shined thru,  and zipped me from cook to sous chef in a matter of months. Later on I became a bartender and a club manager. A lot of things changed, but my passion for food has not. I still find great pleasure and excitement when I am around it.