Hungarian pancake


Pancakes are very popular in Hungary. Its origin is not clear, most probably it developed from the roman plazenta, a small round cake that was eaten instead of bread. Hungarian pancakes are thin, similar to French crepes but totally unlike American hot cakes or griddle cakes and they are [...]

Poppy seed bread pudding


is a Christmas classic in Hungary. Poppy seed is a favorite ingredient all over Central-Europe, a symbol of wealth and fertility. In Hungary, we fill everything with poppy seeds at Christmas time, but we also use them in bread, pasta and baked goods like pies, strudels, and cakes. Mákos guba [...]

Stuffed cabbage rolls


is a Hungarian specialty thanks to the special spices used in it. Preparation varies according to region and family, people are preparing them not only on the stove top, but also in the oven. The Hungarian stuffed cabbage is made with sauercrout, pickled cabbage leaves, ground pork, rice, egg, sweet [...]

Layered potato casserole


Layared potato casserole is served regularly in Hungarian homes – though there are several variations on the recipe. Smoked Hungarian sausage is the star in this one-pot comfort food dish of layered potatoes and hard-cooked eggs smothered in sour cream,  known as rakott burgonya (RRAH-koht BOORR-gohn-yoh). [...]

Chicken paprika, noodles


is one of Hungary’s most famous dishes, traditionally made with chicken, onions sauteed in sunflower oil or pork lard, red paprika powder, tomato, pepper, thickened with sour cream, served with nokedli noodles. Hungarian nokedli noodles are made by passing the dough through a noodle grater into boiling water. If [...]

Goulash soup with beef


Anywhere in the world if you say the word goulash, people think of another word: Hungarian Gulyás is primarily a soup, also existing as stew. The preparation of the goulash soup starts exactly the same way as of a stew but then more water is added, plus vegetables, a [...]