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Hungarian Apple Cake – Almás Pite

Creamy yellow wax beans, Zöldbabfőzelék

Creamy yellow wax bean stew is a wonderful summer meal made with freshly picked yellow wax beans, a good portion of sour cream, minced garlic and a pinch of paprika powder. It goes so well either by itself or as a side with fried eggs or sausages of frankfurter. It is a thick soup (vegetable stew or pottage), called “főzelék”. This is a delicious summer dish, quick and easy recipe to make, done in 30 minutes. It can be served at room temperature, warmed, or my favorite — cold. You can make it vegan and gluten free, just use vegetable cream instead of sour cream and gluten free (brown rice) flour.

What is “főzelék”?

Főzelék is a special category in Hungarian cuisine, is a type of thick Hungarian vegetable stew or soup, similar to pottage. It is not quite like a soup, and thinner than a stew. It is simply cooked, typically by simmering, not mashing.Főzelék is often eaten as the main course for lunch or like a garnish for different meat courses. Főzelék was typically a home-made food, and was considered as an ordinary type of meal so traditionally it seldom appeared on restaurant menus but in recent years, as part of the culinary revolution in Hungary, főzelék enjoys a revival and it is much more common to be found on menus, there are even places dedicated to offering various főzelék as main course. Főzelék is often eaten as the main course for lunch or like a garnish for different meat courses.

How to thicken it?

There are 2 options to thicken a vegetable stew.
1. Make a roux. Roux is a classic thickening agent for soups and sauces.Roux takes just a few minutes to make, a mixture of equal part of fat (oil, lard, butter) and flour.It is made by stirring the flour into the melted fat and then tasting it for a few minutes so that the floury taste cooks off.
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