Hungarian nokedli noodles – Spaetzle

These amazing homemade noodles called nokedli are a true favourite of ours. They goes well with any of our iconic dishes, such as Chicken Paprika, Potato Paprika or Beef Stew.
The German egg noodles are very similar, where they are known as „spaetzle” or „spätzle”.

How to make Hungarian nokedli noodles?

Making nokedli noodles is very easy to prepare, made from a simple batter of eggs mixed with all purpose flour and water. It is done in 10 minutes, could not be quicker and faster.
The short noodles are traditionally made by hand, this way the noodles do not have perfect uniform size, takes a bit longer to mage them and they are bit larger as well. This is how my father loves them.

Put some of the dough on a cutting board and using the back of a knife, cut off a 1- by-1/4-inch piece of dough and slide it into the boiling water.
Of course, you can use a nokedli grater or spaetzle maker, which is a handy tool and makes it so easy to create these beautiful perfectly shaped noodles.